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Главная » 2008 » Лютий » 21 » J. River Media Center 12.0.432
J. River Media Center 12.0.432
J. River Media Center 12.0.432

J. River Media Center - программа для просмотра видео и картинок и прослушивания музыкальных треков с поддержкой закачки файлов на плееры iPod и другие портативные устройства. Присутствует возможность одновременного воспроизведения музыки через несколько звуковых карт, имеется мощный органайзер для работы со снимками. Также J. River Media Center позволяет просматривать картинки и ролики в полноэкранном режиме с простой навигацией. Присутствует аппаратная поддержка огромного количества медиа-устройств.

All Media--One Interface.
Media Center turns your PC into a complete digital entertainment center.
Ø Media Center connects your PC to a stereo, TV, home theater, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, portable music players and UPnP player devices.
Ø Use Media Center for ripping and playing music, burning cds, listening to Podcasts, copying music onto a portable device and organizing your music collection using a multitude of organization fields. If you can’t find the field you need, create your own custom field.
Ø Encode and play all popular media formats.
Ø Play Web Media, TV, DVDs, Podcasts, video files and show digital images on your PC.
Ø Powerful utilities include three different servers for streaming music and images to remote PC's and standalone networked players.
Media Center has more advanced features than any other application for superior customization and control of a media collection.

What's New

There are just some of the new features introduced in Media Center version 12.
Ø Tab View
Ø View Thumbnails in report-style lists
Ø Split Views can be arranged vertically, horizontally, or as tabs
Ø New default "Noire" skin
Ø New "Display" View replaces Full Screen and Windowed View
Ø New default Mini View called "Slim" that's based off the standard skin
Ø Media modes replaced by new left navigation system in player
Ø New Smartlist Editor
New Supported File Types and Devices
Ø Musepack (MPC) encoding
Ø TiVo Video
Ø AverMedia USB analog TV device
Ø Improved support for Audible files
Ø Improved handheld device support
Ø Auto-Import
Ø Media Scheduler now fully integrated into Media Center
Ø On-screen display supports alpha in the skin art
Ø New language translations
Ø Wiki link in the Help Menu
Ø DVD lookup on YADB (includes cover art)
Ø Burning multiple CD sets at once as well as splitting large audio files (books, podcasts, etc.) across discs
Ø Automatic Shuffle Mode
Ø Improved network sharing -- first user has r/w access, others have read/only
Ø Major speedups to searching (over 11x faster), sorting (over 3x faster), view switching, and program startup
Web Media
Ø Web Media for each Media Type (Audio, Video, Images)
Ø Add/Edit Featured Websites in Web Media
Ø New featured Websites (including Radio 365, Icecast)
Ø Integration of Google video, YouTube, Shoutcast and other media streaming services
DVD, TV, TiVo and Video
Ø Option to use FDDShow video decoder for post processing
Ø TV Recordings imported with Genre set as "TV Recording" and Album as the station name
Ø DVD filter selection
Ø Filter selection, color controls, and many other video playback enhancements
Ø DVD ripping of unprotected DVD disks
Theater View
Ø Many updates to Theater View (navigation, search, plugin support).
Ø Theater View RSS plugins included (weather, Comedy Central Jokes among others)
Ø Theater View navigation improvements
Ø Theater View animation
Ø New plug-in architecture for Theater View and sample plug-ins for weather and news
Import, Search & Smartlists
Ø Auto-Import
Ø New Smartlist Editing system.
Ø Now() expression to return current date/time
Ø EXIF image tag information imported into the library
Ø New Share To Web function to upload images and video files to the free Pix01 website
Ø Passport Photo cropping tool in Image Editor
Ø On-the-fly bad pixel filtering in images to mask CCD or other defects with images
Ø Improved upload of images to web sites
Ø Camera acquisition feature to allow a copy from clipboard or scanner
Ø New VBR Encoding Settings for Portables
Ø New Conversion Mode
Ø iPod gapless playback.

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